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Vocal Separator
Separate vocals from background audio in an audio file using Spleeter, with options to download the resulting audio stems individually or as a zipped file.
OPTION 1: Run yourself in Google Colab
Google Colab is a free online computer that runs on securely on Google's servers. No downloads and no installations required!
Just select any options and hit the play button to run the tool!
OPTION 2: Run it on your local computer (requires Python)
# Choose separation options ->
# <- Click the play button to run
# This work is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
# Separation options!
number_of_stems = "2" #@param ["2", "4", "5"]
download_option = "ZIP" #@param ["Individual Files", "ZIP"]
# Import necessary libraries!
import os
import shutil
from IPython.display import Audio
from google.colab import files
# !pip install --quiet spleeter
... #some code hidden ...
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