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YouTube Downloader
Downloads any YouTube link to an MP4/mov video file or MP3 audio using the yt-dlp tool.
OPTION 1: Run yourself in Google Colab
Google Colab is a free online computer that runs on securely on Google's servers. No downloads and no installations required!
Just select any options and hit the play button to run the tool!
OPTION 2: Run it on your local computer (requires Python)
# This work is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
# Video options!
video_url_to_download = "" #@param {type:"string"}
only_audio = False #@param {type:"boolean"}
video_format = "mov" #@param ["mp4", "mov"]
# Install youtube downloader!
import subprocess
def run_system_command(command):
result =, shell=True)
run_system_command("pip install yt-dlp > /dev/null")
run_system_command("!rm audio.* video.*")
# Download the video!
... #some code hidden ...
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